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We had a customer come into the showroom today interested in a new coating for his laboratory where they make pharmaceutical drugs. As he explained to me his need for an extremely sterile environment I suggested a floor coating with an anti-microbial additive and was surprised to learn that he was not aware of the technology. (A Berkshire Hathaway Company) wrote an excellent article on the subject so I thought this would be a great place to share it. The article is a little dated but the technology is timeless. 
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Sherwin-Williams Incorporates AgION® Antimicrobial into General Polymers Brand of Floor Coatings

Silver-based antimicrobial will provide FasTop Flooring Systems with continuous protection against a broad spectrum of microbes

CLEVELAND and WAKEFIELD, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sherwin-Williams, the largest single-source supplier of high-quality paints, stains, masonry coatings and brand-name wall and floor coverings in North America, today announced that it will incorporate AgION Technologies, Inc. antimicrobial protection in its FasTop product line of General Polymer brand flooring systems. The silver-based antimicrobial in the FasTop floor coatings effectively protects the cured coating against a broad spectrum of bacteria and mold, and can be used for applications in food processing facilities and other industrial spaces where microbial growth can be problematic.

“We are thrilled to work with Sherwin-Williams to provide AgION antimicrobial product protection in its FasTop industrial floor systems used in commercial food preparation areas”

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FasTop seamless flooring systems are ideal for food processing and pharmaceutical production because they effectively perform in these aggressive physical and chemical conditions, while facilitating clean operations. FasTop flooring systems install quickly and eliminate historic problems associated with impermeable epoxy or polyester system. Now FasTop systems will incorporate the AgION silver-based antimicrobial technology bringing additional performance benefits to our customers, said Tom Murphy, General Polymers Vice President of Marketing for Sherwin-Williams. We are very excited to work with AgION Technologies, as it is a well-known and trusted name in the antimicrobial industry. In addition to the FasTop product line, we are looking to incorporate AgIONs antimicrobial technology into other lines of our flooring and coating products. We feel the AgION antimicrobial additive will help us provide our customers with safe, effective and long-lasting antimicrobial protected products in our industrial coating systems.

High foot and vehicle traffic, the movement of heavy equipment, and cleanings with hot water and harsh chemicals can cause severe damage to a floors surface. Damaged flooring is an ideal breeding ground for problematic bacteria since it provides a dark, damp refuge that is impervious to commonly employed cleaning techniques, such as disinfectants and sanitizers. As a result, odor-causing bacteria can live for hours  or even days  within the pits and crevices that can form on a floors coated surface from every day wear and tear.

The AgION antimicrobial incorporated into the Sherwin-Williams coatings is comprised of naturally occurring silver ions. Silver has long been recognized for its antimicrobial properties and humans have used silver for thousands of years to combat a wide range of microbes.

The AgION antimicrobial provides continuous and long-lasting protection from microbes by releasing silver ions at a slow and steady rate. This creates a continuous protective environment from microorganisms. The patented AgION antimicrobial technology is designed to last throughout the life of the product.

We are thrilled to work with Sherwin-Williams to provide AgION antimicrobial product protection in its FasTop industrial floor systems used in commercial food preparation areas, said Ginger Merritt, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at AgION Technologies, Inc. There continues to be a growing concern about cleanliness within the industrial food preparation and processing industries. The General Polymers brand name is synonymous with high quality, professionally installed seamless flooring systems and will now feature the AgION antimicrobial technology to help protect against microbial growth on the cured coating surface.

AgIONs antimicrobial has been proven effective against a broad range of microorganisms, including bacteria, algae, and fungus such as mold and yeast, yet is safe enough for human and food contact. AgIONs antimicrobial has been approved for food and water contact by the Environmental Protection Agency and is listed as an indirect food contact substance with the Food and Drug Administration.

About Sherwin-Williams and General Polymers

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About AgION Technologies, Inc.

AgION Technologies, located in Wakefield, Massachusetts, is a leader in providing engineered antimicrobial solutions based on silver that continuously inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and fungus. AgIONs antimicrobial technology is used in the consumer products, construction, food and water, textiles, and healthcare industries and has been incorporated into a variety of products including cell phones, shoes, keyboards, pens, water filters, air conditioning and heating units, medical catheters, ice machines and faucet handles. The company also offers a disinfectant and virucide, SilverClene24, which has been proven effective against a variety of bacteria and viruses including HIV-1, Rhinovirus, Influenza, and Poliovirus. AgION’s customers include many leading brands such as Motorola, Sherwin-Williams (General Polymers), AK Steel, Logitech, DuPont, Honeywell, Adidas, Sanford/Paper Mate, Ice-O-Matic and Oster. Since the companys founding in 1997, AgION Technologies has led the market for safe, effective, long-lasting, antimicrobial protection with support from private equity funds and strategic partners including BASF Venture Capital, H.B. Fuller Ventures, SAM Private Equity, Motorola Ventures and Paladin Capital Group. For more information about AgION Technologies, visit


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