This light gray epoxy floor offers a clean production space that is seamless, anti-microbial, light reflective and durable.


Reduce work place accidents and increase productivity by clearly marking isles, storage and production areas.


Unlimited decorative options for a custom look inside and outside your home or business.


Product lines specially formulated for your specific project.

Anti-microbial, Seamless & Slip Free

Add optional epoxy cove base for superior, seamless floor to wall perfection.

Drop A Wrench, Spill Some Oil, No Problem.

Chemical resistant, light reflective and aesthetically appealing.

AgION Anti Microbial Floor Coatings

We had a customer come into the showroom today interested in a new coating for his laboratory where they make pharmaceutical drugs. As he explained to me his need for an extremely sterile environment I suggested a floor coating with an anti-microbial additive and was surprised to learn that he was not aware of the technology. BusinessWire.com (A Berkshire Hathaway Company) wrote an excellent article on the subject so I thought this would be a great place to share it....

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Epoxy Terms for Everyday People

In an attempt to optimize our website we noticed that a lot of you are using search terms we had not anticipated. We thought this might be a good time to sort the confusion. Epoxy and Paint are 2 very different products. Epoxy is a 2 component product in which Part A and Part B are mixed and when they reach the right velocity and temperature the molecular structure of the product changes and hardens similar to plastic getting hard....

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The Truth About Polishing

Now that the newness has worn off of the idea of floor polishing we can all take a step back and really evaluate all the hype with better perspective. Ten years ago when polishing became "All the Rage" in floor finishes for large scale projects we were all led to believe that concrete polishing was a no maintenance option. Architects were calling it out for every possible job because of its longevity and durability; but has the theory held up to...

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Getting “High” in the Epoxy World

High Solids Epoxy Products Explained: When shopping for a premium product in the epoxy world an important question to ask is: "What is the solids content?" Epoxy is often described as being either 100% solids or low solids or some variation of this. What this means is that when the product is applied and then cured the thickness of the product that remains after it is cured defines it's solid content. For example, when you paint your house with regular...

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Barndominium Floors

Everyone is talking about simplifying their life. Scaling back and taking it easy. The millennial age has taken a turn I don't think anyone expected where things like "Barndominium" and "Tiny Houses" have become household topics. Don't be fooled, living simple or tiny doesn't necessarily mean living like a hobo. Bardominiums have evolved into the smart choice for homeowners who want a high end interior without all the glitz and glamour in brick and stone outside. Today finds more homeowners taking...

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Gift Ideas for The Man In Your Life

What man or woman hasn't as some point or another sat pondering the age old question "What do I get Him/her for Christmas or their birthday"? Well, fret no more. We have the answer to that and we are pretty sure there's a good chance they don't already have it. Epoxy Garage Floors! (the game room or patio...or the whole house) An epoxy garage floor is the first step in getting your man the one thing almost all men want:...

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Epoxy is 2016 Hot New Trend

Domino Online Magazine just posted an article titled: "10 Reasons Epoxy Floors will Rule in 2016"  and we couldn't agree more. With so many choices you can be even more bold and outrageous than the current flooring options will allow. Of course, you can still get traditional colors to warm up your cozy places but... How about a hot pink patio or a lemon yellow sunroom floor? Choose a mica chip floor in silver and pewter for an "Old Hollywood"...

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Moisture & Mold Lurking Under your Floor Covering

Wet Concrete Floors Do you have little white puffy clouds on your concrete? Did your carpet develop a mold problem? Does your garage have little puddles even when it isn't raining? Here on the Gulf Coast hurricanes bring a great deal of flooding. Whole buildings have spent time underwater with a variant ground saturation from dusty and dry to swimming in saturation. These conditions pose a serious vapor emissions problem with slabs on grade on the Texas Gulf Coast. Sadly,...

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