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Slip Free Systems, Inc was founded in 1988 and is still Managed by the original Management Team. Our President, Mark Considine has a Bachelors in Business Management having graduated from University of Houston. Mark has 30+ years experience in the floor coating industry. Our designer is also degreed in art and has extensive background working on construction related projects for commercial use. All of our staff, including office personnel, management and operations crews have been highly trained for the products we use and the systems we install. Our installers attend training classes every year so that we are always on top of the industries changes and new developments.

Slip Free Systems began as a provider of safety solutions to render slippery floors “Slip Free”. Our first major contract in 1988 was with Whataburger to treat their slippery tile floors for optimal customer & employee experience. As new trends developed in the industrial flooring industry, Slip Free Systems began to grow with the market demand and now, thirty years later we offer a full line of products and services for industrial, commercial, marine and residential use.


Mark, President, BS in Business Management


Trevor: Field Superintendent, Construction Management