Epoxy Terms for Everyday People

In an attempt to optimize our website we noticed that a lot of you are using search terms we had not anticipated. We thought this might be a good time to sort the confusion.

  1. Epoxy and Paint are 2 very different products. Epoxy is a 2 component product in which Part A and Part B are mixed and when they reach the right velocity and temperature the molecular structure of the product changes and hardens similar to plastic getting hard. Paint on the other hand is a single product that relies on the evaporation of water so that it can dry.
  2. “Solids” Matter. If you apply 20 mils of regular paint to any surface, you will see that after it is dry it may only be 2-5 mils thick. This is what we refer to as “Solids”. When you apply 100% Solids Epoxy you’ll notice that when it is cured you still have the same amount of solids you started with. So when shopping for epoxy you now know that the higher the solids the better the product depending on your specific needs.
  3. Epoxy by itself is not slip free. Most epoxy products when applied properly have a glossy slick finish. This is awesome if that’s the look you wanted but if your needs require something with an anti-slip quality you need an epoxy with a texture additive. This texture additive comes in many forms. One of these additives is Aluminum Oxide which is a colorless product that comes in different grits similar to sandpaper. Some contractors will use sand as their non-slip product but it is important to note that over time sand will wear down. Another product, by Sherwin Williams is called “Shark Grip”.  We could go on and on..but the point we make is, that it is your responsibility as the consumer to point out your needs so that your contractor can help provide you with exactly the right floor texture for your project.

Here are a few terms you’ve been using to find more information about your liquid applied floor coatings and services we offer. No matter what you are calling it, we are happy to help you choose a floor coating that’s right for your project and budget.

Floor Paint
Garage Epoxy
Non Slip Garage Floor Paint
Garage Floor Painters
Commercial Industrial Flooring
Industrial Epoxy Floor Coatings
Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings
Cement Floor Sealer
Best Epoxy Floors
Slip Free Floors
Resinous Floor
Tnemec Epoxy Coatings
Sherwin Williams Epoxy
Industrial Flooring
Concrete Floor Paint
Lowes Garage Floor
Home Depot Garage Floor
Garage Floor Paint
Epoxy Aggregate
Flake Floor
Floor Sealer
Moisture Barrier
Floor Testing
Quartz Floor
Urethane Coatings
Polyaspartic Floor

An educated consumer is a happy buyer. We are always striving to clear up confusion but if you still have questions, call us, we are always happy to talk about our favorite subject.