Expert Witness Services

Expert Witness Services
Mark Considine is available to retain for expert witness services. With over 30 years in the floor coating industry Mark has proven his expertise in the area of slip and fall tragedies. Mark holds a Bachelor’s in Business Management and is a certified administrator of the English XL Tribometer test which measures the Static Coefficient of Friction on all floor types.
Mark has installed many commercial flooring projects where he has assisted designers and architects in choosing safe and appropriate options to achieve positive results for their clients. This has included textures of materials, choice of finishes in masonry and concrete, appropriate anti-skid surfaces for walkways, flooring, and parking areas. Wet areas such as pool decks, fountains and water feature areas, bathroom floors and spas in hotels, school gyms, and hospitals and parks have all been part of his scope of work as a sub-contractor.
Mark has participated as designated expert on several cases that involve slips and falls to evaluate site conditions in specialty installations for restaurants, manufacturing facilities, production facilities, amusements parks, water parks and more.
Mark’s construction company is regularly hired to remove elevated and uneven paving areas from commercial venues. He has reinstalled new concrete coating systems and walkways, repaired¬† water intrusion issues, and other environmental issues that effect floor slip resistance. He has the hands-on expertise to quickly evaluate the causation of an injury relating to improper construction practices as well as the on-site experience to understand the problems leading to injuries.
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