Going Green


In the world of epoxies, solvents and industrial coatings you may have a hard time finding green products because solvents and epoxies by nature are theĀ opposite of renewable or recyclable but not to fear, we have a solution.

We have a product that is a renewable and can be recycled. Walnut Shells can be used as a green product in place of granular flakes, chips or color quartz as a broadcast medium that can be encapsulated in epoxy, urethane or polyurea.

In today’s world the one thing architects and designers always ask is:

As a general rule, epoxy is a manufactured product so on one hand you could say that it is not sustainable in the way one might consider pine or some other replenishing product; however when compared to carpet which often ends up in a land fill after 10 years or less of use and taking up large areas of disposal space. In this way, epoxy is a great option because it will never end up in the backwalnut shell floor of a truck on the way to a landfill.

As the industry evolves, manufacturers are always looking for ways to decrease the environmental footprint. The epoxy world has come a long way since the 1970’s when epoxy products contained high VOC’s in every product. Through years of chemical research the process has evolved and continues to improve.

English Walnut shells are available in a range of sizes that will also create a range of textures. Also available are Pecan Shell Products. Reviewers and critics are comparing these nutshell flooring options to cork and bamboo options when looking for green products on the cutting edge of progress.

Your complete floor finish will look like a beautiful seamless broadcast of encapsulated walnut shells for depth and rich color. It’s the new thing to do in sustainable wood flooring.