Local Epoxy Installers Are Best

Local Epoxy Installation is Optimal

In this blog post we hope to convince you that buying local is the best bet for your bottom dollar when it comes to epoxy and other coating installation. In fact, why stop with floor coatings, contractors in general are more trustworthy when they come from your own area because they will be ready, willing and available after the sale in the event of a problem.

Here on the Gulf Coast of Texas we experience a lot of humidity and high temperatures while up north they often have dryer air and lower temperatures. Now consider how this plays a role in how concrete cures and other pivotal factors in the process of a successful coating system.

Concrete cures when water rises to the surface and evaporates. This happens faster when temperatures are higher or more dry. The faster the concrete cures the weaker it is structurally and the larger the pores in the completed finish. This is why you often see freshly poured slabs here in Texas in the summertime covered with plastic or with a sprinkler running on them; slowing down the curing process makes for stronger concrete. Those guys up North cant possibly be as experienced with the 117 degree weather we have in August as they are with their own typical August temperatures; just as we cant relate to their winter weather where temperatures dip to 5 degrees.

All that having been said, it stands to reason that for a contractor who is used to the weather up North, they might not be as well versed in the different issues that arise in a slab here on the Texas Gulf Coast.

Recently, we had a company from way up north contact us to do an unbiased moisture test on a slab in Galveston that they recently coated with urethane. The coating was less than 3 months old and the slab was less than 6 months old and the coating was failing on a 3000 square foot area.

Due to our humidity, and practice of wet curing concrete, it is highly likely that the slab was still too green to receive a coating, particularly since we recently underwent a massive flood in the area and our water tables are much higher than normal…but how would a company from way up north know about that?  If they are doing a single job in Galveston, Texas in a six month span and they are not familiar with the local representatives for the National providers like National Polymers, Rustoleum and others then how can they know that a by the book installation isn’t going to work?

This out of town contractor prepared the floor by method of scarifying. That was their first mistake. Scarifying is great up north but less effective here in the South. So, while the manufacturer might technically allow it in a predefined set of directions intended for a broad audience, the reality is that scarifying isn’t tough enough for a Texas slab that was poured in the summer and wet cured; and its not effective for a slab poured in the spring or fall when we have our high humidity days either.

The folks up in Michigan are not calling Texas to ask about damp-proofing their basements because we don’t have basements here in Texas. They don’t need our advice. We can appreciate the enthusiasm of a business owner who wants to take his company nationwide but if that’s the direction you want to go; make very sure you are prepared to do the research necessary to know your customer and their unique needs specific to their environmental conditions.

When you have a project to do where site conditions make a difference, call the people who regularly deal with similar site conditions. Call the locals. Make sure they have a long history of experience. Check their reviews. Visit their past jobs if necessary.

Understand that if you hire a contractor from out of state they will be reluctant to return for simple customer service issues like a follow up moisture test or adhesion test. Be aware that they might not know how to handle our unique Texas Gulf Coast weather.

Slip Free Systems Top 5 Reasons to Buy Local:

1.      Shopping Local is Cost Effective: Hiring a local contractor means you are not paying for their whole crew to stay in a hotel; this means your overall cost is less.

2.      Boost Local Economy, you buy from them, they buy from you, the money is spent with people you know, everybody wins.

3.      Reduce Environmental Footprint, less travel, less footprint. Its good for the environment.

4.      Provide or Maintain Jobs that affect people you know-Local businesses are owned by your friends and neighbors who live in this community, are less likely to leave, and are more invested in the community’s future

5.      Receive better communication and customer service-Local businesses often hire people with a better understanding of the products they are selling and take more time to get to know customers and when a problem comes up, you have the assurance of knowing your contractor is right around the corner.