Research & Info

At Slip Free Systems we believe an educated consumer is a happy customer. The more you know about the world of epoxy the better equipped you will be to choose a floor coating that is right for you. Of course, you don’t have to be an expert to get a quality coating but we understand that sometimes people like to have the facts and compare apples to apples.

RESIDENTIAL: For instance, did you know that the epoxy used on your typical garage floor of a new home is different than what we often need for an older home? Older homes are more prone to moisture transmission so we often recommend a vapor barrier on homes built before 1983. Also, residential applications often lean towards a look that s more decorative.

MARINE: We also use a different product for marine use. Since ships, barges and other marine applications require a more flexible surface as they move through the water.

COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL:  Commercial applications often focus on functionality such as light reflectivity, anti-microbial properties and safety.