Residential Garages

You will be the envy of all of your neighbors when you choose to install a Slip Free epoxy garage floor coating. gif0318
There is a vast difference between types of coatings and companies who install them.
Check out the specifications below for use in comparing your options for solid color systems:
Basic Epoxy Residential Garage Finish

Consists of:
One Epoxy Base Coat
One Epoxy Top Coat
This basic package has an overall thickness of 12-16 mils
Decorative Flakes are optional and are applied to the base coat and are then top coated for maximum durability (known as “Random Flake)
Non-Skid Aluminum Additive is also optional and recommended at no extra charge and is added to the top coat for slip resistant texture.
Crack Repair is included free of charge
UV and Scratch Resistant Polyuria Top Coat available for an added charge and is recommended for all floors.
1 Year Written Warranty Included
Our Basic Epoxy Prices: (Houston & Surrounding Area)

2 car garage= $1795.00 (450 SF or less)
3 car garage= $2295.00 (approximately 450-700 square feet)
By the square foot= $4.00 per square foot (based on 450 SF) (larger jobs are discounted per square foot)

Note: A major home improvement store offers a 2-coat “Premium Floor Coating” at $3.25 per square foot; however, they include the thickness of the flakes as part of their overall finished thickness. They also have a square foot minimum of 500 square feet. This means that their “Premium Package” is actually 8-12 mils and for a 2 car garage that’s $1625.00 and less than half the thickness of our floors and it is not turn key. This same Home Improvement Company charges extra for crack repair and non-skid additive and by the time you add those into the price your paying the same thing as you are with us except your getting twice the thickness, durability and product. The flakes included at the home improvement store are added to the top coat, rather than encapsulated. For a superior floor coating, choose Slip Free Systems, Inc.

For more decorative options for your home, patio, game room  or garage see our pages for quartz, full flake, stain and metallics.
Other Systems Thickness Comparison:

decorFull Flake Finish or “Faux Granite” (1/8 inch or 125 mils)
Quartz or “Color Quartz” (1/8 inch or 125 mils)
Rubber Athletic Flooring (1/4 to 1/2 inch)
Acrylic Concrete Sealer-Trowel Finish (3-4 mils)
Standard Thin Mill Epoxy System (15 mils)
As added insurance for the best possible floor coating we recommend a moisture barrier
and a top coat of urethane with all of our systems.


GP Epoxy Standard Color Chart

GP Armourseal Color Chart